Secret forest labyrinth

Where the wind blows stories from all the valley, there is an entrance to the well-guarded mystery of the forest. It is hidden in the old, truncated tree trunk.

The entrance to the magical labyrinth keeps the wise owl. The owl sleeps overnight, but at night it makes sure that the secret does not get out of its veils. But the owl does not keep the secret itself. When the sun goes down and the first stars engulf in the glowing sky, the forest slowly revives. Under the outline of the moon, a rabbit appears. Then something breaks out between branches of trees. Just when the rabbit intended to escape back into the bush shelter, a well-known bony tail is observed. Before the rabbit winks, a playful squirrel joines him. She quickly tells him that the bear and fox come to the meeting. The rabbit, with a dump in his throat, refuses to know how he will survive in the company of bears and foxes, but even before he can change his mind, another friend is passing by...

They were gathered together and a serious discussion began. Under the Vitranc, there is a huge bunch of snow remaining since winter. Snow did not melt in March, nor did in April. Not even the rays of the hot June sun melt it. And because the snow crystals emit their ice energy to the surrounding area, both the animal and the plant species are confounded. In fact, nobody actually knows whether the old lady Winrer forgot a part of her dress because she is already very old and forgetful, or simply fell in love with the summer and does not let him from her cold embrace. So the bear is still walking around like in dreams. The squirrel has a harsh tail, the rabbit is constantly scratching because of the thick fur, and the fox due to the cold climate is scared that her fur will turn the color into a polar white, which is not consistent with Vitranc's fashion trends for the upcoming autumn winter collection. A wild rooster who should have been married at that time, is looking for his female lady who apparently hid from the cold somewhere in the vicious forest.

And the animals decided to call the forest supervisory board. They spent the whole day and the whole night, and than a decision was dropped, that winter must immediately leave! And because the spring months were not enough strong, the animals decided that the time had come for the forests magic to be used.

Therefore, an owl asked for help someone who, at the end of a magical forest labyrinth, keeps all the secrets of the forest under Vitranc. The wise man, with a long white beard and a wide hat, does not appear to anyone, nor does he confide in his secrets to anyone.

Because the animals were truly despondent and wise man care about them, he decided to help them. When the animals brought in the proper ingredients that were collected on the forest tracks, the wise man prepared a special potion. The potion was bottled and he gave the animals instructions for use.

During the research of forest book of history, owl discovered that in the past, when there were no ski slopes, there were horse-drawn carriages passing through village, people lived in castles in the places close to us, and in these forests there were knights.

After a horrible noise, the animals were witnessing a real duel. The knight of the summer melted the sharp sword of the winter knight. Snow crystals began to melt and the last bunch of snow slowly left the Vitranc ski slope.

Now the Winter finally waved goodbye. Animals will be able to walk around without worries again. The magic potion has lost its power and the knights became only the whisper of the past day. Today's story will be brought by the wind high above to the top of the mountain. And if you cross through the meadows leading to a magical labyrinth, you may encounter a frightened rabbit in a bush, a fox who adorns hers beautiful fur, a squirrel that eats delicious hazelnuts, or even a wild rooster between the branches of the trees. 

Only a few, and only those who have a pure heart and cares about the forest and animals, will also find the entrance to the mysterious labyrinth, guarded by thewise owl. And whoever finds the entrance will find a key that will open the door to the mystery of the old wise man...